Stuff I do

I like to program random little things, in addition to small random projects, I also have a few big projects, such as Upldr, an affordable, fast and easy file host, which I am the CEO and a foudner of. Another one of my bigger projects is Moosebot, a Discord bot for music, moderation and everything else. I program in C# & NodeJS, though all my recent and big projects are made in Node. I'm sort of trying to learn Java. I'm taking a few animation/motion graphics courses on skillshare. I also stream on my Twitch channel. I also run the Cooper and Devin channel with my friend Devin.

My work

I've worked on many projects, both with others and on my own. I have led the development of a few development projects. I am head of business development and the lead developer at Upldr, which I founded in 2017 with a friend. Moosebot and Upldr are currectly my most worked on and time consuming projects. I also co-produce and co-own the Cooper and Devin YouTube channel. I stream on, where I am an affiliate. I also occasionaly do artsy-ish stuff. I regularly do photography and videography stuff, you can find my photography on my Instagram and Unsplash profiles. Some of my favorite photos I've taken can be seen on my photography section


I love photography, I take photos of everything, from my dog, to flowers, to new tech products.


If you need to get in touch with me, drop my an email at [click to view] or reach my on Discord (Moose#1111).